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Book a FREE consultation
and receive your complimentary eBook

Get started with a free strategy consultation and receive a copy of the Good Fortune Guide – written by James McFall, Managing Director Yield FP and 2020 National Finalist Certified Financial Planner of the Year to help educate you on your Financial Plan.

The way to grow wealth successfully is to coordinate your wealth creation strategy with the life you want to live. 

Wealth Creation 5 Proven Strategies

  1. Start investing – Good investments grow in value over time. Taking the first step is essential to successful wealth creation. 
  2. Contribute to your superannuation – super is built for retirement and has incredible tax concessions 
  3. Borrow to invest – using home equity to buy quality investments can help you compound your return over time 
  4. Dollar cost average – investing regularly over time reduces your market timing risk and creates an investing discipline 
  5. Diversify – diversification helps you manage risk and in turn increase flexibility, which is fundamental to sound wealth building
Using Home Equity to Maximise Financial Goals & Commitments for Retirement

Building Wealth
Does not need to be difficult

We know you have worked hard to reach this position and that’s why you can rely on Yield’s wealth creation financial planning to personalise a suitable strategy for you. Strategic wealth solutions we consider include: 

  1. Investment Options: Managed Accounts; Shares; Property; Ethical; Managed Funds; ETF’s
  2. Investment Structures: Superannuation; SMSF; Companies; Trusts; Individual; Joint; Other business structures
  3. Property Planning: Integrating your property decisions into your financial plan including, as an Upgrader, Downsizer, Investor, Renovator, Developer, First Home Buyer

Strategic Wealth Management success is not difficult when you approach it deliberately and when you are consistent about it. Importantly it is never too late to develop your own wealth creation strategy.  


Managing risk improves investment outcomes

When measuring the success of your wealth creation strategies, remember that it is just as important to avoid losing a dollar as it is to make one. In fact most investors have loss aversion, which means you are likely to feel the grief of a loss, more than the joy of a gain. Because of this your investment portfolio should fit with your risk profile and be structured to put you in control of as many of the variables as possible.

The puzzle illustrated presents the risk management strategies you can rely on to achieve the wealth creation outcomes you desire. 

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Yield's wealth creation advisors will consider your risk profile and help you grow an investment portfolio that makes sense for you.

Yield Financial Planning have been excellent in their advice and investment strategies being a pleasure to work with over many years. Their strategies and constant portfolio reviews making changes when needed have guided us right through from our working days, the GFC and now retirement, we hold Yield as being an invaluable necessity.

Kevin & Anne Kennely Retired

We have entrusted our wealth creation and future security with Yield FP for a number of years now. They truly are professionals who have stayed ahead of the game by making strategic investment planning decisions at the right time and have always given sound advice. Security for our future is in great hands. Thanks Yield Financial Planning!!!

client's review
Penny O’Grady & Trevor Shevchenko Working Professionals

Yield Financial Planning has provided us with professional expert sound advice. It is always a pleasure to deal with the Yield team who always have our best interests at heart and have set up a sound plan for retirement. Yield has provided first rate advice and funds management and I have confidence in James’s competence and integrity.

client review - Renae Chapman & Tim Walsh
Renae Chapman & Tim Walsh Retired

Your Investment Planning Success

Our investment planning philosophy follows four core principles:

  1. Identify what you are comfortable with and work with it
  2. Identify best in market investment strategies
  3. Change when change is needed, not change for change sake
  4. By managing risk well, we can enhance your returns

This thorough and consistent approach to build wealth is why our clients trust us to manage more than $250 million of their wealth. 

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We’re economic nerds at heart and will help you identify a wealth investment strategy that is tailored to the life you want to live.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wealth creation?

Wealth creation is all about building up assets and generating income streams that help grow your net worth over time. It involves making strategic financial decisions to grow your wealth through various means such as investing, starting a business, real estate, and other income-generating activities. It’s not just about choosing the right investments but also giving them time to grow and choosing the right structure, so that you optimise your after-tax returns.


The key is to maintain a balanced approach, manage risks wisely, and stay committed to your long-term financial objectives.

What is a wealth creation plan?

A wealth creation plan is a structured strategy or roadmap crafted to achieve your short, medium, and long-term financial goals. It involves setting specific objectives, choosing investment strategies, managing risks, and regularly reviewing and adjusting the plan for your optimal wealth accumulation.


A well-designed wealth creation plan is customised to your individual financial situation, risk tolerance, and life aspirations.

How to make money work for you?

To make money work for you, begin by reviewing your financial position and gaining a clear understanding of where you stand. Assess your assets, debts, and cash flow to establish a clear picture of your financial health. Once you have this understanding, focus on strategic actions such as:


  • Long-Term Investments: Allocate funds to stocks, bonds, or ETFs to benefit from compound growth over time.
  • Pay Off or Offset High-Interest Debts: Prioritise repayment of debts such as credit cards or personal loans to reduce financial burdens and free up funds for future investments. Then preferably offset rather than repay property loans, to maintain the purpose of the debt.
  • Utilise High-Yield Savings Accounts: Open accounts that offer better interest rates than traditional savings accounts, allowing your money to grow while remaining accessible.
  • Invest in Property: Consider purchasing an investment property and renting it out to generate rental income and potentially benefit from property value appreciation over the long term.
  • Superannuation Contributions: Make the most of your super by choosing the right strategy to benefit from tax advantages and secure a strong foundation for your retirement years.


The key is to continue diversifying your investments and sticking to a disciplined strategy aligned with your financial goals. If you’re unsure about where to start or how to proceed, consider seeking advice from financial advisors who can provide guidance tailored to your specific situation.

What is the best way to build wealth?

The best way to build wealth varies depending on your individual circumstances and financial goals. However, common strategies include investing in diversified portfolios, saving consistently, minimising debt, pursuing additional income streams, and making informed financial decisions over the long term.

How to grow wealth?

To grow wealth, start by understanding your financial objectives and crafting a comprehensive financial plan. This involves setting clear financial goals and investing strategically. Here are key steps to follow:


  • Diversify Your Investments: Spread your investments across different assets to manage risk and maximise potential returns.
  • Regularly Review and Adjust: Keep track of your financial situation and adapt your plan as necessary to stay on course.
  • Manage Debt Responsibly: Reduce debt to free up resources for saving and investing, improving your financial flexibility.
  • Increase Income Opportunities: Explore side ventures or additional investments to boost your earnings potential.
  • Manage Tax Well: Select appropriate tax structures that suit your investment time frame and your investment objective.
  • Seek Expert Advice: Speak with a financial advisor to make informed decisions that align with your long-term financial goals.

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Get started with a free strategy consultation and receive a copy of the Good Fortune Guide – written by James McFall, Managing Director Yield FP and 2020 National Finalist Certified Financial Planner of the Year to help educate you on your Financial Plan.