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and receive your complimentary eBook

Get started with a free strategy consultation and receive a copy of the Good Fortune Guide – written by James McFall, Managing Director Yield FP and 2020 National Finalist Certified Financial Planner of the Year to help educate you on your Financial Plan.

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SMSF Advice in Australia

SMSF's Are Simply
The best retirement structure

The real power of an SMSF is that you are in the driver’s seat of the most flexible superannuation fund in Australia. Because it is completely tailored to its members unique needs and objectives.

When choosing an SMSF adviser you should look for qualifications including, Certified Financial Planners CFP®, Financial planning degrees, SMSF accreditation and SMSF Specialist Adviser SSA®. Yield financial advisors hold these qualifications.

By choosing Yield as your SMSF adviser, you will gain objective advice about your Investment opportunities; Tax planning; Legislative guidance; and Retirement Planning, to help you grow and protect your super, while ensuring it helps you live your best life!

Investment Planners &
SMSF Specialists

Together As One

As the Trustee of a Self Managed Super Fund, you will benefit from our SMSF specialists experience. Our team of 15 have over 100 years of expertise designing highly personalised financial plans and investment strategies, tailored for SMSF. When SMSF makes sense, there is simply no better retirement structure, and Yield SMSF advisors are experts at tailoring investment and tax strategies that will match your unique personal objectives.


Of our Top 40 Clients utilise an SMSF


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Investment Strategy SMSF

The average member balance of an SMSF is over $790,000

Around 1.1 million Australians are members of an SMSF and there are just over 600,000 accounts, making SMSF the largest concentration of superannuation wealth in Australia. A Yield SMSF specialist will recommend Self Managed Super Funds because:

  • It can be the most cost-effective
  • You can invest in almost anything, including property
  • You can borrow to invest
  • They offer the most control to manage risk
  • Effective in minimising tax
  • Provides possibilities for estate planning

Just under 5% of the Australian population are members of an SMSF, yet the money invested makes up 25% of the total $3.4 Trillion pie, making Self Managed Super Fund advice an obvious choice of HNWI’s.

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We have been working with Yield since 2008. As pre-retirees with a history of investing into property, we saw considerable synergies working with Yield as our Financial Planners.

Yield assisted us to formulate a financial plan and has been pivotal in helping us to actively manage and evolve it since. We use the services of Yield Equities for direct share exposure in our SMSF and we are very happy with how the team work together. Yield delivers cohesive advice that we can see is in our best interest. Now as we enter into retirement, we feel peace of mind that we have a well balanced strategy and are in good hands. We would happily recommend Yields services

Greg & Monica Dorn
Our Client

Specialist SMSF Advisers

What proper strategy can provide

When you sit down with one of Yield’s financial advisors, you will feel at ease. We will help you evaluate the pros and cons of SMSF and will only recommend a Self Managed Super Fund when it is a great solution for your needs.

We offer an integrated tax and audit service, that is highly cost effective, but will work with your Accountant if you would prefer. The current maximum annual fee for our service is $2,345, providing certainty to the economics of how cost effective an SMSF will be for you.

When it comes to your SMSF investment strategy, we will tailor a strategy considerate of your risk profile, your objectives, and what your investment preferences are. This can include you borrowing money within your SMSF to invest in property, or to pool money together with 5 others (max of 6 members in an SMSF) to make a purchase you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

The benefit of working with Yield’s SMSF specialists, is that we will make running your SMSF easy for you, while helping ensure you make the most of the opportunities it can provide. 43% of our HNW clients have an SMSF, demonstrating its strategic value.

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Our SMSF Advice At Work

Our clients are a hard working medical and legal professional family. They had multiple entities including companies and trusts that needed coordination.

SMSF Investment Strategy

Yield's SMSF Advice Makes Managing Your Investment Strategies Simple

Let's show you why SMSF is the preferred choice for High Net Worth Wealth Management in Retirement.

Speak to our SMSF advisors today and unpack the pros and cons of SMSF to find out if it may be right for you. We are qualified to guide you on the suitability of an SMSF and then to help you manage the way it is run. Our Investment expertise, including Direct Shares and Direct Property work perfectly with an SMSF and we assist clients with advice on borrowing within super, when this is appropriate. With your SMSF adviser, we help you manage your responsibilities as a Trustee, assist you in benchmarking your return and create controls around your investment strategy.


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Investment Strategies for SMSF

We compare the cost of your Managed Fund/ETF/LIC/M-Fund investment strategy to our highly cost-effective portfolio options and advice

Fund Administration

We compare the tax planning and administration running costs of your fund to our highly cost effective and Simple solution

Trust Deed

We will review your investment strategies for your SMSF to confirm you are investing within the parameters of what is allowable currently

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THEN we let you know if you could be managing your fund better – BEST OF ALL – Our SMSF strategic advisors will review your strategy considerate of your broader plan. Take a step towards a brighter retirement today.

Learn more about SMSF with the help of a leading superannuation specialist including how to start your own

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)?

A Self-Managed Super Fund is a private super fund that allows individuals to manage their own retirement savings. You can have up to 6 members, all of whom must be trustees or directors of the trustee company and are responsible for investment decisions and compliance.  A SMSF provides more control and flexibility over investment choices and retirement savings compared to other types of super funds.

Is self managed super worth it?

Self managed super can absolutely be worth it, as they offer more control and flexibility over your investment choices and provide opportunities for tax benefits and estate planning.


However, it’s important to consider that managing an SMSF also comes with greater responsibility and potential costs. Whether an SMSF is worthwhile depends on your individual circumstances, investment goals, super balance, and willingness to take on the responsibilities involved. Seeking professional advice can help you evaluate whether the benefits of having an SMSF will outweigh the costs in your specific situation.

When can I access my self-managed super fund?

You can access your self-managed super fund when you reach the preservation agewhich is 60. This can either be as a transition to retirement pension, while you are still working, or a full account-based pension, once you retire. Apart from this, there are other conditions under which you can access your self-managed super fund which include. 


Common conditions of release:

  • Termination of employment at or after age 60.
  • Turning 65, no matter if you’ve retired or not.
  • Death of the member (benefits go to beneficiaries).


Special circumstances:

  • Termination of employment.
  • Leaving Australia Permanently
  • Temporary or permanent incapacity.
  • Severe financial hardship.
  • Diagnosis of a terminal medical condition
  • Using the first home super saver scheme

Can I transfer my super into a SMSF?

Yes, you can transfer your existing super into a SMSF. This process involves rolling over your current super balance into your SMSF account.


To do this smoothly, you’ll need to ensure your SMSF is registered and ready to receive contributions, complete a rollover request, and handle other necessary documentation. If you’re unsure about the transfer process, it’s highly advisable to seek professional guidance. They can assist you in navigating the steps involved and ensure a seamless transition into your SMSF.

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Get started with a free strategy consultation and receive a copy of the Good Fortune Guide – written by James McFall, Managing Director Yield FP and 2020 National Finalist Certified Financial Planner of the Year to help educate you on your Financial Plan.