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Book a FREE consultation
and receive your complimentary eBook

Get started with a free strategy consultation and receive a copy of the Good Fortune Guide – written by James McFall, Managing Director Yield™ FP and 2020 National Finalist Certified Financial Planner of the Year to help educate you on your Financial Plan.

How We Help Our Clients & Their Families

As a HNWI, your smart choices have helped you establish security and flexibility to live the life you value, while providing for your family and the legacy that is important to you. At Yield Financial Planning we offer a private banking service, without the private banking price tag.

Our financial advisors deliver highly personalised advice, that caters to the bespoke needs and complexity of HNW wealth management, so you receive a cohesive advice experience with as much or as little involvement as you wish. 

Awarded Top 3

Certified Financial Planner

Yields high net worth clients typically have personal assets over $5 million and investable assets over $1.5 million, which may include property. The median value of our top 40 HNWI clients assets are $8 million, scaling up to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) with over $40 million.  


Median assets of top 40 clients 


Years servicing the needs of HNW clients 


5 Star Google Reviews shared by our clients


Professional Excellence Awards

Wealth Creation Experts

Ultra High Net Worth & High Net Worth Individuals

At Yield Financial Planning, our HNWI & UHNWI clients have the confidence they will grow and protect their capital andestablish a secure transition to retirement, while also providing for their family and causes that are important to them. Our service includes: 

  • Investment consulting, includingexclusive wholesale investor opportunities  
  • Family & Legacy planning 
  • Taxefficiency & Structures  
  • Financialprotection &Risk managementsolutions 
  • Financial planning & Debt advice 

When we identify a need, that extends beyond our service offering, we will work closely with your other trusted advisers or can introduce you to a professional from our network as required 

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yield financial planning clients

We have been working with Yield since 2008. As pre-retirees with a history of investing in property, we saw considerable synergies working with Yield as our Financial Planners.

Yield assisted us to formulate a financial plan and has been pivotal in helping us to actively manage and evolve it since. We use the services of Yield Equities for direct share exposure in our SMSF and we are very happy with how the team work together. Yield delivers cohesive advice that we can see is in our best interest. Now as we enter into retirement, we feel peace of mind that we have a well balanced strategy and are in good hands. We would happily recommend Yields services

Greg & Monica Dorn
Our Client

High Net Worth Investors

HNWI & UHNWI Wealth Management

As a HNWI you should meet the definition of ‘wholesale investor’. This opens a range of exclusive investment opportunities that are normally limited to major institutions like banks and super funds and can often be a great addition to a HNWI’s portfolio, because of the bespoke nature of them.  

While careful selection is essential, Yield’s investment committee is regularly presented with wholesale investment opportunities to consider. Investments can include direct infrastructure, property investments and private equity, which can provide strong risk adjusted growth and income returns, often suited to HNWI portfolio’s . 

Yield has a diverse suite of investment options we use, that can form part of a well-crafted wealth creation strategy. Your portfolio should include a balanced selection of investments that allow you and your family to enjoy life, while managing risk.   

Creating a Comprehensive Financial Plan for a Specialist Surgeon & Business Owner

This case study presents our clients who are a high-earning surgeon and business owner couple. They had made a number of savvy business decisions and had investment interests in property and shares.

Navigating Concentration Risk

Asset Allocation For High Net Worth Clients

At Yield, we believe that asset allocation is the most consistent driver of investment return and it is vital for successful risk management. While it is normal for HNWIs to be overweight in single assets, like company shares, business assets or property, it is extremely important to manage concentration risk. Doing so will help ensure you achieve reliable returns that preserve what you have worked hard to build.   

Practically speaking, asset allocation involves maintaining a healthy mix of asset classes like shares, bonds, cash, and property (both residential and commercial), across regions and sectors that suit your position and goals.   

The way our team can help you make great decisions about your asset allocation, is to first understand your current position and where you want to be. This helps us align your investment plan with your goals and risk profile and is an integral part of high net worth, wealth management.  

Our four proven steps to
wealth management success

1) A Conversation About You 

Your Financial Planner will get to know you and the life you aspire to live.


2) Create Your Personal Financial Roadmap  

We analyse your current plan and provide a vision for how you can evolve and measurably improve your position.



4) Review, Measure and Monitor  

By partnering with the Yield Financial Planning team, we will help you manage change and keep your plan on track for life. 

3) Take Action  and Yield the Benefits  

By following the advice in your plan, you will put yourself on a path to financial freedom and retirement security. 

OurMelbourne basedteam of 13haveover 70 yearsofexperience,managing investment portfolios and planning for 100’s of affluent families. As a nationally awarded financial planner, with 70 “5 Star Google Reviews”we are a firm thatoffer constant value and support to our clients and this is why our clients choose to staywith us for the long term.  

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Free Consultation

Get started with your free strategy consultation and receive a copy of the MOST IN DEMAND Good Fortune Guide – written by Certified Financial Planner of the year 2020 national finalist, to help educate you on your financial plan.